Mike - Terra Nora, NSW - Alhambra Luthier

Dear Pierre,

Your excellent advice on the phone last week regarding guitars more suitable to accommodate my advancing arthritis was most enlightening.

Following the link to Angel Benito Aguado, whose guitars you suggested, I was pleasantly surprised, and the thought of playing on a 640mm fingerboard makes much sense.

I should mention the Alhambra Luthier is a pleasant change from my old guitar, a 660mm with 54mm nut, something which may go some way to explaining my present sometimes uncomfortable predicament, and I wonder how many players with "standard-sized" hands have done themselves a disservice, if not injury, by persisting with guitars as big as that.

I hope so, as the Allhambra is sounding beautiful. Your advice three years ago to give Hannabach Titanyl a try transformed the sound qualities of this guitar, adding enormously to my pleasure in playing it.

I have much to thank you for, Pierre, and in the few brief conversations I've had with you I have found you to be a cultured, intelligent and highly experienced gentleman, generous with his time and always ready to help.

Thanking you for your most helpful advice,

Best regards,