Angel Benito Aguado

Born in Madrid, Spain, in 1949, the luthier Angel Benito Aguado began to work as a carpenter, learning the fundamentals of wood working when he was but a young boy. At age 12, he built his first guitar By the time he was twenty-five, he had established himself as professional guitar maker. For many years Angel collaborated with the celebrated Spanish maestro, Jose Miguel Moreno, building for him and the ancient music ensembles he directs a variety of historical plucked stringed instruments: vihuelas, baroque guitars, lutes, theorbos, and romantic guitars.

He continues to build such historical instruments, as well as concert classical guitars by hand using traditional methods and designs. Although he has drunk deeply from the Madrid school well, he does not build the large bodied guitars associated with the Madrid school. Rather, although they are not copies, his handmade classical guitars are inspired by those of Antonio Torres (1817-1892) and show exquisite workmanship, are wonderfully playable, and possess a rich, refined tone.