Alhambra 4P

Alhambra 4P


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Here is the best selling Alhambra.  Four layers of light varnish highlight the solid Red Western Cedar top and a gorgeous one-sided Rosewood laminate on back and side.  The fingerboard is made of gorgeous Ebony!  You notice the Machine heads (aka tuning keys, tuners) are superior quality which allow you smooth and precise tuning.


  • TOP: Solid Red Cedar
  • SIDES & BACK: Indian Rosewood
  • NECK: Mahogany
  • MACHINE HEADS: Gold Plated
  • SIZES: Requinto (1/2) and Cadete (3/4)


  • EZ Fishman Clasica II
  • E1 Fishman Classic M
  • E2 Fishman Prefix ProBlend
  • Pick Guard
  • Left handed


  • Cadete: 580 mm
  • Requinto: 544 mm
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See the guitar in action

Guitar: Alhambra 4PA
Composition: Study in E Minor by Francisco Tarrega
Performed by: Giuseppe Zangari

Guitar: Alhambra 4PA - Spruce
Romance Anonimo
Performed by:
John Couch