Two years ago we introduced the Alhambra Z Nature the first solid top made in Spain guitar @$399. Unprecedented. A quality Spanish made solid top at Chinese guitar prices!

Since then we have been delighted by the response from teachers both using them as teaching guitars and recommending them to their students as ensemble and exam guitars. that with the introduction of the new $399.

Given teacher and dealer support we would like extend our referral programme and make it easier to get them into your student’s hands.

About Guitarsonline

GuitarsOnline are one of Australia’s largest importers and distributors of quality classical, flamenco and electro-acoustic guitars. Our guitars are sourced directly from Spain every year for their quality of tone, playability and value based on input and backed by referrals from leading teachers throughout Australia.

We take care in the vetting of our makers in Spain and Australia and constantly raise the benchmark for all models and brands. Therefore, we offer the longest warranty of any maker:  Three years, so if you join our referral programme you will have the peace of mind of knowing that your students will make rapid progress, do you credit and shine in exams

What does this mean for you?

We have had an informal referral programme since the beginning but in the age of social media we are now trying to leverage our Dealer Network, Guitarsonline Website, Guitarsonline Newsletter, Facebook presence, Classical Guitar Society activities, our frequent concert sponsorship and guitar event displays and close the loop by linking keen guitar buyers with teachers.

We are often asked by players to recommend good teachers.  If you are a teacher and you would like more students, and you would like to be part of our Referral Program let us know.

Join the Guitars online student referral program.

With years of experience as a player I could see that the entry level/first guitar market was well supplied. What became equally obvious is that the quality solid top guitar market beginning at around $300 was not.  From the first shipment 15 years ago I started finding dedicated and demanding teachers producing students who were achieving high grades in examinations such as AMEB, ANZCA and Trinity. I tested models and brands with them and gradually over the years I have refined the brand offerings. As their students achieved better grades with our guitars so did our business grow.  Our success has always been driven by the referrals of our network of teachers. To recognise this we work with teachers in two ways.

  1. We provide a free teacher listing service on our GOL site to enable guitar students to easily find a teacher.
  2. Referral Program teachers: In addition, to a listing, some teachers join the GOL referral programme. In many cases a guitar buyer does not have a teacher and we are asked to recommend a good teacher.  So it makes sense to match the new guitar buyer with a teacher by offering a free introductory lesson. Lessons can be face-to-face or they can be via Skype if the student is not close to you.

Offering a free lesson is a great way to introduce yourself to a new student, where they can trial your skill as a teacher and you can both test the relationship before committing to continuing.

 What's in it for me? A fair question!

Teaching is a business as well as a vocation. Being a great communicator as teacher is a key attribute but communication can take time – and your time is limited.  There are so many other things that you, as the business owner need to do; market, sell, provide customer service, accounting, pay taxes and grow the business. You know all too well that the problem is while you are busy giving lessons you are not growing your business. Students are unlikely to just come knocking until you have gained a reputation; even then you need to replace students that leave.  You need to be promoting your business consistently. And to ensure consistent growth you need to have a referral plan.

Of course, you might say, but that will cost me an hour of teaching time at my rate of $x. However, that is only true if you have already sold all of your teaching hours now and into the future. If this is not so, you need a business growth plan to give you referrals.
Our referrals have already purchased their first guitar so have already made a conscious decision to commit to playing and are already qualified as a hot lead.  Once they have completed their first complimentary lesson it's up to you to determine your offer going forward, we don't interfere with your prices or packages.

As well as sending you new students we offer:

  • Discounts on GuitarsOnline purchases of guitars, strings and accessories.
  • Discounts for any students you refer to us together with our peace of mind referral guarantee.
  • Commission on any sale you refer to us.  By a simple phone call or email or If you have a website or face book page, this is a great way to grow your teaching practice income stream without impinging on your limited teaching hours.

Need more information? Why not email us or call us on 0410 708 338 for a chat.