Brazilian7 String Juan Hernandez Cedar/ Rosewood

Brazilian7 String Juan Hernandez Cedar/ Rosewood


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This is a new addition to our range featuring a very detailed cedar top and solid rosewood back and sides. 

This is a very comfortable guitar for the left hand to reach up to the 7th string with a free flowing and ergonomic fretboard.

As well as a responsive right hand with mellow and woody tones over the sound hole and firm ponticello notes towards the bridge to allow for separation of the rich baseline notes.

As well as deep resonant bass, it delivers crisp tone and projection with superior trebles with resonance and sustain. 

Its mid-range is also highly accurate and string separation and voice very clear allowing for very accurate and tonally coloured playing. 

A guitar for a very experienced player.

The 7string guitar is often used in Brazilian and Russian music.

 I have often been asked for Brazilian 7 Strings and up until now have never found one that I felt ticked all the boxes.

This one comes from the workshop of Juan Hernandez in Spain. You be the judge!

(This is our 7 string mid- range price option. Also available in Spruce or Cedar and from mid- range to concert models as well as custom options)


Top: : Solid Cedar

Sides and Back: Solid Indian Rosewood

Neck: Mahogany

Fingerboard: Ebony

Machine Heads: : Gold Plated


  • E1 Fishman Classic M

  • E2 Fishman Prefix Pro Blend

  • Pick Guard

  • Left handed

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See these guitars in action

Brazilian 7 String Guitar- Doce de Côco by Jacob Do Bandolim
Interpreted by Marc Askew
Jacob Pick Bittencourt (Rio de Janeiro 1918-1969) was a Brazilian composer, musician and mandolim player.

With his group Época de Ouro, he performed the best of Choro, a brazilian style of music.

Performances and teaching:

This is the original version of Doce de Coco with Zelia Duncan as well as full Brazilian orchestra

A Review from a Players Perspective (Marc Askew)

The features of this guitar that appeal to me are its playability and its tone/volume response.

The original 7-string guitars were made and used for accompaniment/ensemble playing exclusively and were built with a bracing to tolerate steel bass strings, which deliver a distinctive "thunk-thunk sound on the basses when struck with a metal thumb pick. These are still made and preferred by some Brazilian guitarists who specialize in the Choro style.

The fully nylon-string seven strings came to prominence as a result of the popular impact of the virtuoso guitarist Rafaello Rabello in the '70s, when he had a seven -string model made for him by a luthier based on his six string Ramirez classical guitar.

The greatest exponent of this so-called "Seven String Classical" is today, of course, Yamandu Costa. So the fully nylon-string seven-string guitars are built (ideally, at least) to be played BOTH as accompanying instruments and solo instruments.

I've tried quite a few Brazilian seven-string models over the years, and owned two myself, from the high-end Brazilian luthier-made models to the factory-made cheaper Gianninis and Di Giorgios.

Coming back to my point, this Hernandez guitar stands out very well to fulfill these requirements.

It has the flattest and thinnest neck profile I've encountered and this makes it comfortable to negotiate the 60cm-wide fingerboard (necessary to accommodate the seven strings) and eases pressure on the left thumb because of the left hand finger stretches necessary.

The left had playability is additionally enhanced by a very comfortable string action for both basses and treble strings with a very flat neck relief, which allows for comfortable playing of both barre chords and single lines.

For a cedar-top guitar it is quite bright in its tone, and it can almost sound like a spruce guitar, depending on how the right hand is positioned and how much nail is used - this applies both to trebles and bass strings. And on the other hand it can be used like a six string to generate nice mellow sounds with pieces such as Baden Powell ballads.

So it is both a very playable and a very versatile guitar, for accompaniment or solo work.