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“Rare and Exclusive Collection” Friends-Only Playing Days

Have you ever dreamed of playing a selection of the world’s greatest ever classical and flamenco guitars? 

Our Next Rare and Exclusive Collection Friends-Only Playing Day is
3pm, Saturday, 9-September, 2018
 Our showroom in Point Cook, Melbourne

click here to register - limited spots available

If you're passionate about your classic cars, what is the chance of ever being able to drive a classic - a Ferrari 250 GTO - or perhaps a 1964 Aston Martin DB5; or even the stunning 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7?  Impossible you say!  (Yes, we agree!!) 

BUT ... You’ve heard about our new GuitarsOnline Rare and Exclusive Collection, a historically significant selection of rare guitars from the private collections of several of the world’s greatest classical guitar collectors.  
SO ... if you're a Friend of GuitarsOnline and you're passionate about your classical and flamenco guitars, we invite you to join us and our other Friends - over red wine and nibbles - and spend an afternoon playing a selection from our Rare and Exclusive range.

To register for our next event, please fill out the registration form below - as there are only limited spots available.

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If we help uncover and promote just one amazing new guitarist, then we've done our job!!  

Playing opportunity details:

Please note, there is no charge for this event.

 Limited availability:  A maximum of 20 playing spots ONLY are available, so if you would like to register, please reserve a spot now.
Location : Our showroom in Point Cook, Melbourne
Invitation is open to:  Professional, up-and-coming and talented/yet undiscovered classical and flamenco guitarists.
Dates:  We have recording times available from Monday 14-May to Sunday 3-June.
Playing slot duration:  1 hour (although we can extend to 90 minutes upon request).

“Rare and Exclusive Collection” guitars available for recording will include:   GuitarsOnline Rare and Exclusive Collection

For any specific questions,dditional information or to reserve a playing spot for you and/or your students, please contact me as follows:

Rare and Exclusive Collection - Friends-Only Playing Day Registration


I'm a Friend of GuitarsOnline and would like to register for the upcoming Rare and Exclusive Collection - Playing Day at 4pm on Sat 9-September, 2018.  

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