Alhambra 3F

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It has a wonderful, singing tone with just a tiny hint of crispiness. Slightly brighter tone overall than a normal classical. A distinctive and pleasant tone that I never get tired of. And, as the spruce top matures, it sounds better all the time.

The action is very low and easy to play. Very suitable for moving quickly up and down the neck. The finish and craftsmanship are top-notch.

Alhambra guitars are known worldwide for their quality, and even though this is a low price guitar, it’s very well made.


  • TOP: Solid German Spruce

  • SIDES & BACK: Laminated Sycamore

  • NECK: Mahogany

  • FINGERBOARD: Indian Rosewood

  • MACHINE HEADS: Nickel Plated


  • EZ Fishman Clasica II

  • E1 Fishman Classic M

  • E2 Fishman Prefix Pro Blend

  • Pick Guard

  • Left handed

  • Cut away (CW) (CT)

Alhambra 9P

Although the construction of this guitar is almost identical to the 8P, the differences are more than just the decorative inlay of the 9P. This model is a little more dynamic, especially in the upper mid range. The bass is well balanced and the attack has a touch more presence than the 8P.

Level – Advanced study
Scale – 650/636/544
Top – Solid Cedar or Solid Spruce
Back and Sides – Solid Rosewood
Fret board – Solid Ebony
Machine heads – High Quality

Alhambra 5P

The soundboard – major influence on the guitar’s sound – consists of a thin piece of softwood that is supported by 7 braces. 2 harmonic bars at the bottom will enhance a full-bodied, warm and rich sound.

The important qualities of such woods include a close grain count and high stiffness to mass ratio (allows maximum output for the minimum input), resilience, light weight and resonance.
Beautifully hand-crafted in Spain with a lashy handmade inlaid wood Rosette proves all the attention from the Alhambra Guitar Makers.


  • TOP: Solid Red Cedar
  • SIDES & BACK: Indian Rosewood
  • NECK: Mahogany Reinforced with Ebony
  • MACHINE HEADS: Gold Plated
  • SIZES: Señorita (7/8)


  • E2 Fishman Prefix Pro Blend
  • Pick Guard
  • Left handed
  • Cut Away (CW) (CT)


  • Señorita: 636 mm