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Welcome to Guitars Online, where you will find the best selection of quality classical guitar,  flamenco guitar and electro-acoustic guitars in Australia.


May 2017 Newsletter

Dan Sloss

Your playing: the next steps

Every day we see players in our showroom growing their skill and playing better and better. Over the years, we have seen players improve by finding a teacher, joining a guitar society to play in intimate small events and by joining ensembles. While practice remain the key to improving, sometimes it helps to have the guidance and camaraderie of a society or ensemble, and the motivation of performance!

GuitarsOnline can help you buy a guitar, can put you in contact with a teacher, or find you playing opportunities if you want to grow as a player. GuitarsOnline are proud sponsors of many Guitar events. Contact Pierre or call 0410 708 338for more information.

Read more from this newsletter online (click here for more).

Marc Askew writes about his two visits to Brazil during 2012-2014.

Pierre Herrero-Keen


There is a lot of simplistic rubbish written about Brazil and Rio de Janeiro in particular. Rio is hot, congested and noisy, and definitely not a paradise: that is, if you are living there and not just passing through on a five-day cosmetic package tour. But the same goes for any big city in the world. What is important for me is that its musical culture is vibrant. In particular, its guitar world is rich, varied and exciting. Which explains why I put up with it (without air conditioning) for six months on my second visit to Rio. Soon after my returning to Australia (armed with music transcriptions from my Brazilian teachers and a new luthier-built 7-string guitar), my long-suffering guitar dealer Pierre Herrero suggested that I write something for his newsletter about my encounters in Brazil.  So here it is, and apologies to those readers who have a deeper familiarity and experience with Brazilian guitarists and guitar makers.

Read the full article.

GuitarsOnline Ensemble building initiative

Dan Sloss

Calling all guitar teachers wanting to establish or extend their guitar ensemble programme

GuitarsOnline Ensemble building initiative in conjunction with the Victoria Classical Guitar Society.

Hot on the heels of the highly successful guitar Ensemble workshop in and concert at St Steven’s in March, and GuitarsOnline sponsorship of the Yearly Guitar Ensemble Extravaganza,  we’ve developed a new program for ensembles. Not only is it fun, it’s also a way to showcase to your students, parents and the school system at large the value of your day-to-day efforts.

A number of guitar teachers have expressed interest in launching ensembles or fine tuning their existing ensemble to participate in the Ensemble Extravaganza, to give their students the experience of playing in public and being applauded for their efforts. It’s a great night for all involved.

Also the Society has just announced the dates for the 2017 Extravaganza (see below). Given it has been so well supported by so many over the years, we have decided to explore extending the event to a second performance day. As part of this we are working with teachers on repertoire, conducting workshops, and a Get Started instrument and ensemble set up bundle.

If you’d like to know more about our School Music Sponsorship Programme email Pierre Herrero for details.

Guitarsonline Sponsorship opportunities aim to encourage guitar ensembles and the uptake of guitar in schools, so contact us on 0410 708 338 to find out more.

Ensemble Extravaganza 2017 !!
Venue:    MLC 207 Barkers Rd Kew 3101
Date:    Saturday August 19th 2017
Time:    5.00pm – 6.45pm


March 2017 Newsletter

Pierre Herrero-Keen

GOL Back to School Edition

With new school year well underway we have just landed a new guitar shipment from Spain featuring a whole range of excellent entry level guitars such as the Alhambra Z Natural at 399.00 and the 1C at $599.00. These are the models most recommended by teachers when looking for a quality guitar that will go the distance in a rugged school environment.


Are you a School Guitar Teacher, a Parent or keen guitar player???

Perhaps you’d like to know more about our School Music Sponsorship Programme. email Pierre Herrero for details.

Guitarsonline Sponsorship opportunities are there to encourage guitar ensembles and the uptake of guitar in schools, so check out our website or contact us on 0410 708 338 to find out more. The concept of all sponsorships is simple: ‘You help us – We’ll help you in whatever way we can.’

Why is a good guitar so important?

A quality guitar starts with solid Cedar or Spruce tops as opposed to cheap plywood tops delivering tonal colour and projection characteristic of high grade tone woods found in hand made Spanish guitars

A good guitar offers ease of playing. The construction of a quality guitar starts with the Spanish heel crafted to careful standards by qualified luthiers, with testing to ensure each model meets the makers specifications. The Spanish heel also delivers much better tone and projection, and a more generous sound There can be no shortcuts!

Each guitar is then individually set up allowing you make faster progress and get more out of practice time. You also get a better return on $$ invested in lessons.

High grade tone woods, exacting craftsmanship. ease of playing at the same price as plywoodAsian guitars. In short you can choose a Spanish hand made solid top guitar starting from just $399.

It all adds up to value for money: a wise investment and better resale value.

GuitarsOnline offers you endless possibilities. We are fully stocked having just received our latest shipment. Give us a call 0410 708 338 and we can help you work through the considerations and options. Play through our extensive range we have selected to get the most out of your practice and playing.

Choosing a new guitar

To help you make the right choice, here are some considerations when evaluating guitars

  1. Technical set up and ease of playing
  2. Developing chromatic colour and musicality
  3. Improving power projection, obtaining string separation

Here are some ideas

  • If you want a good, easy to play entry level guitar, try the Alhambra Z or 1C.
  • If you want to bring the house down or busk and electro-acoustic, try the Z Cutaway.
  • For ease of playing - a Senorita guitar anyone?
  • For luxurious harmonics at a midrange price, select an Alhambra 5P
  • If you want power and presence at a reasonable investment - Alhambra 50th Anniversary Ziricote
  • or if again you want to go all the way to the concert models, a Paulino Bernabe or a Margarit and Mengual Ziricote.
  • The ultimate of course is the Manuel Adalid Cathedral - double top presence, ease of playing, projection, harmonics. It puts you on the concert stage.

Upcoming Concerts: See the professionals in action

Z.o.o Guitar Duo - Peter Constant & Marion Schaap

Z.o.o Guitar Duo Weekend Ensemble Event

The much-anticipated is being put on by the Classical Guitar Society of Victoria (CGSV) this weekend!! Check them out at (

This will be a rare chance to see the world-renowned Z.o.o Guitar Duo in action and also see an expanded CGSV Guitar Orchestra perform with Peter Constant at the helm! and Marion Schaap as soloist with the orchestra.

In addition, we will be treated to a short program of duets from Peter and Marion's latest touring program

Check the Z.o.o. Guitar Duo out here:

Come along to the fantastic final concert!

Learn How to conduct

If you currently lead an ensemble or are planning to set one up. The conducting workshop on Sat 4th of March is a once only opportunity to develop you skills and learn from expert Ensemble conductor Peter Constant. Peter has been based for many years now in Holland and not only tours Ensembles but runs ensemble conducting workshops throughout Europe. Check Z.o.o. Guitar Duo here:

Join us for the Weekend March 4-5 for the full Ensemble Event (, or only the 2 hour conductor workshop. Not only will you be exposed to best practice and learn tips and techniques but this investment will be part of your professional development and as a professional teacher - tax deductible.The workshop will take place on Saturday 4th March 2017 at (St Stephens, Richmond). Fee: $50.  Pay for the Conductors’ Workshop here.
This is a very rare opportunity to work and perform with such exceptional figures within the International guitar community, truly a weekend not to be missed!
Feel free to pass this invitationonto any friends of associates you think may be interested!! We hope to see you there.

Looking for a special guitar?

Pierre Herrero-Keen

Looking for a special guitar? I will shortly be heading overseas on a buying trip, so let me know what you’re looking for in your dream guitar.

I’m off to see and hear the 13th Alhambra International Guitar competition which is held every two years.

I am also including the 2016 Cordoba Guitar Festival as part of my 2016 guitar research and buying trip, sourcing concert guitars which I will launch at the Adelaide International Guitar Festival in August.

So if you have any special orders or queries, please let me know. Hope to see you there.

Let me know what you need either by email or give me a call 0410 708 338.

Holiday Guitar Selection

Dan Sloss

It’s time to write your letter to Santa again. If you are planning on asking for a guitar this Christmas, we are making it easy. You can see our holiday selection below. You only have to locate our showroom by clicking here or calling 03 9395 5055.

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