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End of Financial Year - Tax Back / Tax Time Guitar Specials

The Australian Taxation Department would love you to have a new guitar - and they might even pay for it!! (yes really ...)

(and GuitarsOnline is here to help!)

Yes, it’s that taxing time of the year again!

Hopefully you will be getting a tax refund and you can invest in your dream guitar. If so we have some really special guitars ranging from entry level to concert and super premium guitars in our Exclusive Collection

Even better, if you are a guitar professional and make even part of your income out of gigs, performance or royalties.  With new small business tax write off incentives you can deduct the full cost of your new guitar investment of this year’s tax (but only until 30 June. Pay less tax and get a new guitar!

In any case we all deserve a break and with our latest guitar shipment, GuitarsOnline invite you to take advantage of these special offers: 

♫ If you try a Guitar, you’ll receive a set of Strings for free.

♫ If you try and buy, we’ll take a minimum 10% off the listed price.

 ♫ You can’t lose!

This tax-time deal, is available on all models, until 30-June - so don't miss out. 


Arrange to visit our showroom and try your new guitar.  We have in stock a stunning range of classical, flamenco and electro acoustic guitars.  From beginner models, to concert, our selection will excite you. 

All times by arrangement:  Please call Pierre on 93955055 or 0410 708 338. 

Look forward to hearing from you soon

Pierre Herrero-Keen

Ph:  9395 5055 or 0410 708 338.


Remember, if you have any questions with any of these packages, or if you would like to talk about any other package ideas, we are more than happy to work with you to put something together to help you take that next step this year. 


Pierre Herrero
ph: +61 3 9395 5055 m: 0410 708 338