Graham Hawkes Lattice

Graham Hawkes Lattice


We have just received into stock for resale a rare Graham Hawkes guitar owned by a VCA Graduate who has now upgraded to a Vilaplana NT guitar who is selling his workhorse.

This guitar shows some damage at the edge of the lower bout which is why the asking price is only $1800.00.

In a purpose designed modern workshop at his home in Western Australia, Graham Hawkes devotes himself full-time to extending the technology and art of modern guitar making. His objectives include making each instrument unique in some way and keeping an open mind in the search for improvements.

The originator of these guitars has a deep understanding of timbers and craftsmanship in wood, together with a love of guitar music. Graham has taught woodwork, completed a Graduate Diploma in Art and Design and won an Award of Excellence in the City of Perth Craft Award.

He maintains his interest in guitar design through listening, study and talking to musicians about what they want in the ideal instrument.

Sound – Graham Hawkes builds classical guitars with modern design features. These features create an instrument that produces effortlessly a strong even sound with full deep basses and rich sustained trebles. The design also satisfies demands for a wide range of tonal colours and an instrument that is easy to play. Words however go only part of the way. A CD is available of music recorded by talented guitarist Kathryn Weir playing one of these instruments.

New Skills – Old Traditions – These guitars combine the skills of traditional guitar making and modern technology with an added something which is uniquely Australian. The beautiful guitars of Josef Pages and Louis Panormo – two of the leading guitar makers in Spain and England in the 19th century are the source of design for the shape of the head piece and neck.

Modern technology – While the natural resonance of the timber is the basis of the guitar sound, thoughtful use is made of modern products to give each guitar a rich tonal quality (eg. Carbon fibre to re-enforce the sound board).

Native timbers – Many native Australian timbers have the qualities which can produce fine instruments. The guitars shown combine Sheoak, Jarrah and Western Myall to produce rich grain patterns and a full resonance. All timbers are native to Western Australia except for the sound boards which are made from traditional tone woods such as Red Cedar or Spruce.

Decorations – Each guitar is unique in some way. It could have decorations in native timbers or cross cut twigs. Some guitars have decorative motifs inspired by dot paintings of Aboriginal artists. These are created with hundreds of small circular pieces of coloured wood. Great care has been taken in the design and use to respect Aborigines.

Design – The modern design combines best construction practice, local timbers, original decorations and the option of a solution to the problem of string tension.
Features of the design are:-

* carbon fibre re-inforcement of the sound board,
* decoration made uniquely for each instrument,
* distinctive Panormo inspired headpiece, and
* neck extends through to the top fret.

Because the instruments are hand made, there is a rich variety of options from which to choose.


Please email or call to enquire.