Back to School Guitar Specials

“Back to school” for the typical school student, means groans and complaints but .. back to school for the guitar student, means another year of learning, developing, optimizing your practice and playing, to become the very best player you can be. 

To help with this, we have put together a number of "Back to School Special Pricing Packages", to help you with a guitar that will take you that next step with your playing. 

Alhambra Z-Nature - $449 (special back to school price)

Alhambra Z-Nature
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The Alhambra Z-Nature, is aimed at Schools and at the entry level player wanting the true Spanish sound delivered by a solid cedar top together with “Spanish heel” construction that so few entry level guitar feature, due to the painstaking attention to detail it requires.

The result you can hear the difference in every note.

It was launched at the Sydney Classical Guitar Society summer school and teachers loved and thought it was great value compared to anything else on the market.  Good news is that it is the first affordable solid top, Spanish made guitar made without compromise.

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Alhambra 1C- $629 (special back to school price)

The Alhambra 1C features a high quality Cedar or Spruce top and is the perfect 2nd stage guitar, for those who are ready to take the next step with their playing. 

Although it is slightly more than some of it’s imitators and it is an entry level guitar in terms of Alhambra don’t let this fool you because Alhambra put only the best tops on their guitars and lavish attention and care on all of their guitars. This is the reason why it is the biggest seller in Australia and around the world second only to the Alhambra 4P the biggest seller at the intermediate level.

Designed specifically for the developing student player, this instrument will train the musical ear as well as enabling the young player to enjoy the fruits of their musical labour.

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Alhambra 4P 50th Anniversary Iberia Ziricote - $1,215
(special back to school price)

Many advanced players have a 4P and we have always thought that the Alhambra 4P at this price offers superb playing and is great value for money. 

But the new 50th Anniversary Iberia is the new definition of a classic. 

The Iberia guitar features a high grade cedar top with contrasting with Ziricote back and sides. This wood not only gives it a very characteristic colour, but also provides this gloss-finished instrument with extremely rich resonances due to it’s density.

Like all the 50th Anniversary models it also features a newly designed asymmetrical neck making it very easy to play.

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Juan Hernández model 8 - $1,600 (special back to school price)

We re-recorded this Juan Hernández model 8 guitar with Dan Nistico following my 2017 buying trip to Spain, and this guitar was a revelation and impressed us greatly.

Both Dan and I felt it proved to be very balanced and even across the strings.

At this price it really outshone other guitars delivering a nuanced performance and unusual depth. 

Hear this guitar in action

Please note - these "Back to School" special guitar package pricing is valid until 31-March-2018.  So don't miss out.

Remember, if you have any questions with any of these packages, or if you would like to talk about any other package ideas, we are more than happy to work with you to put something together to help you take that next stepo this year. 


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