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Pierre Herrero

Managing Director
Spanish Guitar Imports
Eureka Management Pty Ltd
Alhambra Guitars

10 Driftwood Close
Seabrook, VIC, 3028

0410 708 338

Welcome to Guitars Online, where you will find the best selection of quality classical guitar,  flamenco guitar and electro-acoustic guitars in Australia.

2015 Price List

Alhambra Classical Models Made in Spain with solid tops RRP - GST Incl.
Alhambra Natural 439
Alhambra Z CW 769
Alhambra 1C 659
Alhambra 2C 799
Alhambra 3C 940
Alhambra 4P 1160
Alhambra 5P 1560
Alhambra 6P 1900
Alhambra 7C 1740
Alhambra 7P 2690
Alhambra 8P 3600
Alhambra 9P 3700
Alhambra 10P 3900
Juan Hernadez Estudio 1700
Juan Hernadez Professor (Cedar/Spruce) 2350

Flamenco Guitars

Conde Hermanos Flamenco Blanca 3500
Conde Hermanos Flamenco Negra 3800
Conde Hermanos Flamenco CW ElectroA 4200

Alhambra Flamenco models

All made in Spain with Solid tops
AG 3F 960
AG 4F 1098
AG5Fp 1650
7Fc 1650
AG10Fc 3806
AG10Fp 3596

Australian Luthier Concert models

All guitars available ex stock, Pricing the same ex luthier. Educational Pricing may apply
David Argent 2010 4500
2015 Jason Elazzi 8000
Rob Clark (cedar) 3900
James Keith Steel (classical fretboard) 2800
Allan Bull (lattice) 6750
Graham Caldersmith Grange (lattice) 5000
Graham Caldersmith Concert (lattice) 7500

Spanish Concert Models

All guitars available ex stock
Paulino Bernabe Mod 5 5000
Paulino Bernabe Mod 10 6300
Paulino Bernabe Mod 20 8500
Paulino Bernabe Mod 30 10540
Premium Paulino Bernabe Mod 50 11070
Manuel Contreras C5 2180
Manuel Contreras C4 2856
Manuel Contreras C3 3476
Manuel Contreras C1 4140
Esteve G9 3200
Mid Range Angel Benito Aguado- Marizapalos 4200
Jose Maria Villaplana India 8400
Juan Hernandez Luthier (Lattice) 6500
Jose Maria Villaplana Rio 9300


Jaime Julia (Villaplana Excellence) 11500
Jose Maria Villaplana Rio 9600
Juan Hernandez Luthier (lattice) 6500
Juan Hernandez Maestro Especial (Double Top) 8500
New Luthier Javier Mengual-Jose Margarit 6000

Double Tops/Lattice Concert

New José Maria Vilaplana Serie NT (New Torres) 12900
Jose Miguel Moreno Series C (lattice) 12558

Alhambra Crossover models

CS-1-CW. Solid Mahogany 1990
CS-2-CW. Solid Ovengkol 2499
CS-3-CW. Solid Indian rosewood 2920

Alhambra Cut-away models

E1 - Classic 4 pickup E2 - Pro Blend pickup
AG3 CW E1 1555
AG 5P CW E2 2609
AG 5P CT E2 2609
AG 6P CW E2 3172
AG7PCWE2 3675
AG9PCWE2 4675
AG10PCWE2 4990


Cases Rugged ABS construction with padded and lined interior. Wooden hardshell, soft high pile interior, rugged vinyl exterior covering, with gold platted steel hardware
Archtop Guitar Case 130
Hiscox 290
Alhambra Italian case 370


Gitano Stand 50


String pricing concessions over 4 packs
Alhambra High or extra high tension 25
Luthier Concert Silver Set 30 Medium-High Tension, Full Set (1-Lu Set 30) 25
Savarez 500AJ Alliance/Corum High Tension, Full Set (500AJ) 29.95
D'Addario EJ46C Pro Arte Composite Hard Tension, Full Set (EJ46C) 35.95
Hannabach Silver Special 815MT - Medium Tension, Full Set (815MT) 40
D'Addario EXP46 Coated Hard Tension, Full Set (EXP46) 29.99
Savarez 500CRJ New Cristal/Corum Normal/High Tension, Full Set (500CRJ) 24.95