Yulong Guo

Yulong Guo developed his interest in the guitar as a performer, achieving a very high standard as his award winning career indicates. His interest diverted to making guitars himself, this is not uncommon as in the case of world famous artists such as Sergio Abreu and Arcangel Fernandez.

Today, Yulong Guo is probably the best known chinese luthier outside China. A pioneer in many designs, resulting in one of today’s most outstanding guitars, praised by the greatest concert guitarists including David Russel.

His guitars deliver the volume and projections of lattice with the detail and complex harmonics of the best fan braces Spanish guitars. Form and execution point of view the offer ease of left hand paying with effortless flow while the double top construction delivers complex melody lines and counterpoint flawlessly and easily. Delivering rich tonal range and complexity of voicing.

Not only does it pack all of the features expected of high end double tops at almost 10 times the price  but I was impressed upon playing and hearing this guitar that it could deliver so much for so little. If it’s popularity with London guitar students has shown it will carry many conservatorium students through to the concert platform.